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After his “average Barbie” prototype went viral, Nickolay Lamm is making it a reality

Motivated by a strong desire to show that “average is beautiful,” Lamm has decided to make his designs come to life with a doll called “Lammily.”

Lamm decided to take matters into his own hands after being bombarded with questions about where to buy a Barbie of normal size. The entreprenuer is offering prototypes of his toy to the first people to donate to his Kickstarter campaign, but his plan is to evetnually be able to distribute the doll widely online and in retail. 

The Lammily doesn’t just have the realistic proportions of the average 19-year-old woman — she also has accentuated wrists, knees, elbows and feet. This is pretty awesome because unlike her buddy Barbie, who is forever stuck with her arms folded like she’s about to serve a cheese plate, Lammily will be able to “play” sports and other activities.

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I see the future of Lammily so that it has different races, different body types, body types which are healthy too.” It’s too bad the prototypes won’t feature these things, but they’re coming.

^^^^^^^ peppersongg Rosie look! One day. One day we’ll get there.



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